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Check any of the following that describe what you hope to get from being a member of the GCVP:

Educational materials

Idea exchange with other members

Greenhouse techniques Workshops
Gardening Hints Field trips

The Garden Club of Villa Park (GCVP) offers benefits, the cost of which, cannot be completely covered by the yearly dues. The following are fund raising and other activities that take place, the approximate time they occur during the year, and a brief description of what needs to be done. In order to make these events happen, help is needed from our membership.


Review the list below and check the events in which you would be willing to assist.

Spring plant sale (May - Cashiering, floor assistance, carrying materials to cars
Club Picnic (July) - Coordinate activities and sign-up for attendees and food donations
Garden Walk (July) - Select gardens, coordinate publicity and guidebook, pass out signs
          and  the guest book to the gardens
Hospitality - Bringing baked goods for monthly meetings and setting up service
Officer or committee chair - Interest in serving as president, vice president, treasurer,
        secretary or head of a committee

PLEASE NOTE: Your name, address and phone number will appear in our newsletter listed as a new member, as well as in our annual membership directory.
Please complete, print, and mail this form to:
GCVP Membership Chair, PO Box 5487, Villa Park IL 60181
Make check payable to the Garden Club of Villa Park
$20 per member, $30 for two members in one household.
Print copy of The Sprout newsletter - add $13.

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