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Photo Gallery 2018: The Fall Season has settled in!
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Thought the snow fell so nicely on the cone flowers.

Beauty on the block!

Elda shows off her Dahlias
Elda has been busy with her camera.

images from Elda. Check out the fauna.
Roma's vegetables are winners!

Marion found adult moths. She identified them as the Alianthus Web Worm Moth.

More from Marion. Notice the butterflies.

From Marcy's herb garden

More from Marcy's herb garden

Images from Ann Marie

A group from Elda including daylilies from Len and Jim.

Joe has a peaceful yard

Beauties from Roma

Views of Ann Marie's landscape

Check out the great caterpillar images from Ann Marie

Images from Elda's Garden

More from Elda

Images from Roma's Garden

Images from Ann Marie's Garden

From Mei's Garden

More from Jim!

More from Jim's Garden

Flowers are popping
up in Jim's garden in the snow.

Ann Marie found her first bee of the season!

Updated July 2018


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